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Hadaka Muffler - Bild
Typ Manga
Kapitel One Shot
Genre Josei, Komödie, Schule
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2010
Story & Illustration Mochi
Illustration Mochi


Nozaki Momiji hasn’t been designing clothes recently. Tani-sensei worries that Momiji might be in a slump, so she makes her student participate in a school fashion show against Momiji’s will.

Tani-sensei introduces to Momiji an upperclassman named Miyata. He’s a very attractive young man that he could make a girl drool with just a glance. He makes a wonderful model… However… he wears nothing but a muffler!

Now Momiji doesn’t only have to design clothes for him… she’ll also need to make him put something on!


Band KA Titel Datum
0 1 30.12.2012