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Eiga Precure Miracle Universe - Bild
Typ Movie
Folgen 1
Genre Action, Magie, Sci-Fi
Erscheinungsdatum 16.03.2019
Saison Frühlingsaison 2019
Produktionsstudio Toei Animation


An accident on the planet where Miracle Lights are made summons a planet-swallowing darkness and destroys all but one Miracle Light, held by factory worker Piton. Piton uses his Miracle Light to summon the Star Twinkle, Hugtto, and Kirakira A La Mode Precures. With the factory's police after them can this group of Precures figure out who's behind the darkness?


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EP Titel Video Audio Auflösung Quelle Größe CRC32 Hardsub Datum
1920x1080 - Blu-ray
1 1 Hi10P AAC 1920x1080 Blu-ray Nein 20.02.2021